School group travel

Share the world with your students. Inspire language learning through cultural immersion by helping your students study a language abroad. Contact an EF Study Advisor today, and we'll help you coordinate an EF School Group Trip abroad or assist your students in planning their own.

Plan your school group

We organize a complete experience for you and your students -including language lessons, transportation, accommodation and activities.

Visa applications We're experts in visas. In case you and your students need one, we'll help every step of the way

Flights EF Travel Services will be sure to book flights with convenient connections at competitive rates

Airport transfers Our transfer service will be waiting for you upon your arrival and ready to take you back to the airport upon your departure

Accommodation You and your students can choose from a variety of accommodation options

Activity packages Our activity coordinators organize local excursions, weekend gateways, cultural highlights, dinners, cruises and much more to ensure your experience is enjoyable


Benefits for you

Expanding your classroom by putting your curriculum into practice as your students immerse in an international learning environment.

The chance to show your students how language and culture are intertwined – whether it's with a trip to the museum, walk in the park, tour of historic architecture or visit to a local market.

Opening the eyes of your students to new experiences, different cultures and a world of possibilities.

A free trip abroad complete with authentic cultural experiences. The cost of you participating as a school group leader is on us.

This unique teaching experience enables you to have the opportunity to observe how language is taught by EF while also sharing best practices with our teachers, who are native speakers.


Choose the perfect course for your students

Your students will make guaranteed language progress with our innovative learning method that combines classroom lessons, interactive tools and cultural immersion.

  • General Course

    Gain a sound understanding of a language through a well-rounded course.

    26 lessons

    of 40 minutes per week

    • 16 General Language Lessons
    • 4 iLab Language Lessons
    • 4 Special Interest Lessons
    • 2 Lecture Sessions

    • Basic Course

      Focus on how to communicate and enjoy lots of free time.

      20 lessons

      of 40 minutes per week

      • 16 General Language Lessons
      • 2 iLab Language Lessons
      • 2 Lecture Sessions

      • Cambridge English Preparation

        Improve job prospects or gain entrance to university with a qualification that never expires.

        32 lessons

        of 40 minutes per week

        • 16 General Language Lessons
        • 20 one-on-one lessons
        • 2 iLab Language Lessons
        • 10 Cambridge Exam Preparation Special Interest Lessons

        Our destinations

        Choose your study abroad destination to learn more about the city and the school.

        • EF

          UK & Ireland

          The UK is one of the world's top destinations- and home to cities full of character and culture. From the historic colleges of Cambridge to the vibrant streets of Brighton,there's always something for your students to learn. Your experience isn't limited to the UK as you can travel to our school in Dublin for a taste of contemporary Irish life. By immersing in the local culture and practising with native speakers,your students will improve their language skills with new phrases,improved vocabulary and more authentic accent.

          • London
          • Oxford
          • Bournemouth
          • Eastbourne
          • Cambridge
          • Bristol
          • Brighton
          • Manchester
          • Dublin
        • EF

          USA & Canada

          North America is known around the world as home of pop culture. It also boasts fascinating natural landscapes and historical sites. Our schools give you the chance to take your class on a trip they'll never forget. A range of climates and attractions means they's plenty to choose from,ensuring everyone of your students has an enriching experience. As they discover some of the world's most iconic landmarks - from the Statue of Liberty to the Hollywood Walk of Fame - they'll practice their language skills with native speakers.

          • Boston
          • New York
          • Washington DC
          • Miami Beach
          • San Diego
          • Los Angeles
          • Santa Barbara
          • Chicago
          • San Francisco
          • Seattle
          • Vancouver
          • Vancouver Island
          • Toronto
        • EF


          The European continent is one filled with unique culture, delicious cuisine and ancient histories. In each nation lies unforgettable experiences to ensure your students achieve language-learning success. Choose from 8 destinations – from the hidden piazzas of Rome to world-class museums in Paris. Our European schools offer language learning in French, German, Italian or Spanish. In any of our destinations, your students will improve their language abilities thanks to expert EF guidance and cultural immersion.

          • Munich
          • Berlin
          • Paris
          • Nice
          • Rome
          • Madrid
          • Barcelona
          • Malaga
        • EF

          Asia & Pacific

          Asia offers thousands of years worth of secrets that are waiting to be uncovered. Our Asian schools offer language learning in English,Japanese or Mandarin. Help your students learn as quickly as possible by immersing them in the local lifestyle-whether it's the tropical setting of Singapore,ultramodern urban experience of Tokyo or the traditional-meets-contemporary culture of Beijing. In each location,the combination of Asian customs and Western influence ensures that your students stay engaged.

          • Singapore
          • Seoul
          • Tokyo
          • Shanghai
          • Sydney
          • Brisbane
          • Perth