English Quotes

Famous quotes in English

Some quotes are part of everyday English, familiar to any native English speaker. It's useful to be familiar with them because they may come up in conversation, or they may be referred to without being quoted directly. The people who said these things are, in many cases, famous English speakers such as scientists, politicians, or writers. Finding out more about the lives of these people is a good way to broaden your familiarity with English-speaking cultures.

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Quotes about the English language

Lots of people have learned English before you, and some of them had interesting things to say about the experience. It can be fun to read what other people think about the English language and about being an English learner. While not so familiar to English-speakers, these quotes are a nice break from your studies.

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Inspiring quotes for English learners

There's nothing quite like getting inspired to study harder by finding a meaningful or funny quote that really speaks to you. When you're having a hard time with your English studies, knowing that other people have also struggled to improve themselves can really help get you motivated again. Whatever quotes have that effect on you, print them out and put them near your desk to help cheer you up when you're feeling frustrated.

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