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The fundamental problem with traditional learning methods is that if someone hasn’t understood the concepts they were taught in class, no amount of homework is going to help them.

This is why we developed the EF Method™ – our approach to language learning, tailored to the needs of every learner. It combines the best course content, cutting edge learning techniques, and the very best teachers, all working together to accelerate the learning process and deliver the best results.

Linguists agree that the best method of learning a language is through a ‘communicative approach’ that focuses on conversations, rather than vocabulary and grammar.

More recently, this has evolved to conversations on real-life scenarios or ‘tasks’. After 50 years in the industry, we now know that task-based learning is the fastest way of learning a new language. But we have taken it even further. We also know that the best learning content must be complemented with two other critical components. Without them students simply give up:

  1. Conversation practice
  2. Structure and encouragement

And it’s teachers that do both of these best. This is why we spend so much time hiring, training and investing in the best of them around the world. We have been pioneers for years in an alternative approach, which is now accepted as the most effective way of learning. Our model doesn’t ask the teacher to be the primary ‘content trainer’ but instead to be a mentor, coach and practice partner. We call it ‘Flipped Learning’, and we’ve found that it really is the fastest way to learn.


Our flipped model helps students learn new concepts when they can and immediately Try those concepts in interactive role plays, and conversations. They then embed it by applying them in real teacher-led conversation classes and lessons, and are finally certified before moving onto higher levels and concepts. This proven approach means ongoing encouragement, motivation and guidance they need to move forward.


Traditional language learning is about detailed grammar and vocabulary instruction in class and practice at home. The EF Method™ is the opposite.

We deliver a flexible course curriculum in several formats so your learners can do the learning part of their studies at their own pace, in their own time, outside the classroom. Then, when they log into a class and interact with our teachers, they can practice what they learned in live conversations and practical tasks.

Flipped learning is such an effective way to learn a new language for three reasons:

  • It makes the most of your people’s limited personal time because it lets them speed through the topics they understand and focus on the ones they don’t.
  • It makes the most of their time with our expert teachers by ensuring they get more personalized attention. Teachers spend their time correcting specific mistakes rather than teaching generically out of a textbook.
  • It doesn’t force everyone to learn the same way. It makes for flexible learning styles, so students learn new concepts using the tools that work best for them.
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